My Magical Alphabet

Good morning!

I’m really excited to show you a new project…

I had so much fun making it and I think I’ll keep it all for me… in my craft room…

It’s an alphabet in English… a boxed game to give away or to realize with children.

Let’s start with the board:

1. I took two white Bazzil with texture and attached them vertically on the selvage

2. With a pencil, I divided the scoreboard into 6 parts of 10 cm on the long side and in 5 parts of 6 cm on the short side, creating 30 boxes.

3. I have sewn the contours of the boxes with a bronze thread (if you want you can simply draw lines with a felt-tip pen )

4. With the washi tape from the *magical forest* collection, I created the frames in which I wrote the word corresponding to the letter

The boxes are 30 and the alphabet’s letters are 27, so I doubled three letters.

5. At the top left of each box, I placed the letters that I took from the set “Sticker letters” from the Magical Forest collection…

6. To make the bases, I glued my stickers, chipboards and puffy stickers on,  I used the *stamps and dies* set from the Heritage collection.

7. To personalize it a little bit, I used some photos … that I made with the fuse tool and some sequins.

Now, let’s see how to make the box…

The base:

I took a yellow Bazzil and cut it at 25cm x 25cm. I folded it at 2cm and 5cm on all four sides.

I took some vegetal cardboard and cut it: 1 piece of 14,8cm x14,8cm 4 pieces of 2.8cm x 14.8cm

I stuck them on the yellow Bazzil, blunted the corners, and created the base of the box.

I coated the inside with patterned Critters

The lid:

I took two yellow Bazzil and cut two pieces:

The first one 20cm high x 23.5cm wide that fold on the side long at 2cm-18cm-21.5; short side at 2cm-18cm

The second one is 20cm high x 18cm wide and fold on the side short at 16cm; on the long side at 2cm-18cm.

I attach the second piece (with the short side horizontally) to the first cut-out.

With the vegetable cardboard, I made a 15.8cm x 15.8cm cut, and a another 3.3cm x 15.8cm that I attached to the yellow Bazzil on the left side.

I beveled the corners and covered the vegetal cardboard.

Before coating the inside with the yellow Bazzil, I put some yellow tape on the left and right side .

I attached the base of the box on the right side.

For the cover, I used the patterned Critters and cut to 16cm x 16cm. I sewed all four sides and I put in the center, with some thick double-sided adhesive tape, one of the cards present in die-cuts.

Et voila… our game/home decor is ready…

Did you like it?

Happy crafting!

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