Hello everyone and welcome back!
During the presentation of the new release, we showed you the 3D jar with Echinopsis flowers encased in gutta-percha…
Today I show you another version: the jar becomes a shaker on the outside and inside I created the space for two tags and two photos.
First of all I took the *1mm vegetable cardboard* and I die cut the two jars of the set *honey jar* putting the smaller one inside the larger one; I made a border that will use as a thickness both on the outside for the shaker and on the inside to hold the tags.
On top of the tags I glued the flowers I made with the *zinnia flower* die cut and the *pastel yellow*, *pastel purple*and *woodstock white* papers.
I decorated the center of each flower with a *white semi-pearl*.
For the base of the shaker I used the *special paper garzata bianca*, the set of the new yellow sequin, the acetate and the *woodstock white*paper.
Finally, I decorated with the die cut *sweet labels* and the *honey* stamp.
I hope you enjoyed the project and that it will inspire you with many more beautiful projects….
Happy crafting to all!
Kiss kiss

Used materials:

1. https://www.modascrap.com/collections/special-paper/products/modascrap-specialpaper-garzato-bianco-kraft-kit-10-pz
2. https://www.modascrap.com/products/modascrap-cartoncino-vegetale-1-mm-kit-10-pz
3. https://www.modascrap.com/products/modascrap-cartoncino-woodstock-bianca-kit-20-pz
4. https://www.modascrap.com/products/modascrap-double-face-pastel-yellow
5. https://www.modascrap.com/products/modascrap-pastel-purple-double-face-kit-20-pz
6. https://www.modascrap.com/products/modascrap-fustella-honey-jar
7. https://www.modascrap.com/products/modascrap-fustella-sweet-labels
8. https://www.modascrap.com/products/modascrap-clear-stamps-honey
9. https://www.modascrap.com/products/modascrap-semi-pearls-ceramic-white
10. Nuove paillettes gialle

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